• Location Main Mat Area
  • Duration 1 Hours
  • Trainer Jeremy Mchone

Why Wrestling Is Gaining Popularity?

  • It builds agility, strength flexibility in those who practice wrestling.
  • Way to gain strength and confidence
  • Best way to learn self defense and protect oneself
  • Increases Overall Fitness


  • BEST program for building overall fitness
  • BEST self defense learning tool
  • Choose from a number of competitive levels
  • No violence self defense technique

How Wrestling Can Help In Self Defense

  • Builds an ability to maneuver the aggressor which renders the person useless
  • Uses close combat skills and also throws and tosses for best performance

Wrestling Is a New Trend! Be a Part Of It Today!

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Meet our Super trainers

Jeremy Mchone

Power Fitness, MMA, Wrestling, Kids MMA, Kids BJJ

Coach Jeremy is no stranger to the MMA game. Having spent over 20 years perfecting his craft in wrestling, submission grappling, boxing and kickboxing, Coach Jeremy considers MMA as an athletic chess match. Coach Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Coach Jeremy has over 20 years experience in wrestling submission grappling since, boxing, kickboxing and MMA.