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  • Come Check Us Out!

    Saturday June 13th, we'll be celebrating our Anniversary party from 3-7pm. Come rub elbows with the Pro's like Dominick Cruz, Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis brandon Vera Ross Pearson Jeremy "Lil Heathen" Stephens Rowdy Bec Rawlings and many more!!!

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  • Come Hang Out with Us

    Come hang out with us after our Anniversary Party !!

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Being The Best Muay Thai Fighter

What is Muay Thai? It is a form of martial art originated in Thailand. Muay Thai involves the use of 4 limbs. It involves one on one fighting that requires fast, agile and versatile movements. Taking a Muay Thai class is a smart choice that can improve yo... read more

The Benefits of Learning Self-Defense

How to Improve Your Quality of Life With the Skills to Defend Yourself You’re heading to your car after a visit to the ATM when suddenly, you’re accosted by a man who leaps out of the shadows. Would you know what to do or how to react in this situatio... read more