Skills and Techniques

Level: Adults, Teens

Duration: 60 Minutes

Boxing Skills and Techniques

Striking and Fitness

Boxing Class teaches fundamental boxing skills such as Counterpunches, Crosses, Hooks, Jabs, Overhands, Short Straight-Punch, and Uppercuts. Students drill through shadow boxing, pad work, heavy bag routines, and cardiovascular and strength training in order to master the techniques and build up the strength and skill.

What to Bring

Alliance can provide loaner gear for first timers; however, it is recommended students bring their own gear.

  • Boxing / Sparring Gloves (16 oz, no bag gloves)
  • Handwraps
  • Athletic Wear
  • Mouthguard

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Boxing Skills and Techniques

Our elite boxing program works from the ground up to bring you the best training, techniques, and conditioning needed to excel in the ever changing world of combat sports. Working from fundamentals in footwork and technique, our boxing classes are designed to create elite athletes and offer a killer workout. Whether you are a beginner or preparing for your next competition, our boxing class will push you to excel.


It's Never Too Late to Start Boxing

Whether or not you’ve seen Rocky or Creed, you know the scenes: Standing atop steps, arms in the air, reaching up to the skies in triumph. Or perhaps, when you think of boxing, it’s the image of Muhammad Ali standing over a defeated Sonny Liston, arm pumping, muscles ripped, daring him to get up.

There’s something about boxing that appeals to a different, more primal, yet still hopeful side of the human psyche. Boxing has been one of the go-to fitness solutions for many, many years, and if you’re considering hitting the bags yourself, there are some great benefits, both physical and mental.

Self Defense, Fitness, and Camaraderie

Unlike some athletic activities, you literally can’t box by yourself. Sure, you can hit the bag or shadowbox, but you need to regularly get in the ring to work the pads and do some sparring to see consistent and meaningful growth.

We’re not going to lie to you – boxing will not be easy at first. But even though it’s a sport for individuals, you’ll soon become part of our Alliance Training Center family. You’ll actually look forward to coming in and boxing with your friends, making it less likely that you’ll back out or give up.


Ready to Train Like a Champion?