Power Fitness

Strength & Conditioning

Level: Adults, Teens

Duration: 60 Minutes


Power Fitness

Strength & Conditioning

Level: Adults, Teens

Duration: 60 Minutes

Power Fitness: Strength & Conditioning

Striking and Fitness

POWER Fitness is a functional fitness routine focused on building strength and endurance to help you achieve your fitness goals and Train Like a Champion. Students will perform the Workout of the Day- a series of exercises designed to blast fat, build muscle, and increase overall fitness. Along with POWER Fitness classes, students will receive a Personalized Nutrition Plan to help achieve whatever your fitness goal may be.

What to Bring


  • Athletic Wear
  • Gym Shoes
  • Water Bottle

Get Fighting Fit

Here at Alliance Training Center East, we believe that great athletes are built from the ground up. This means that building a strong foundation of fitness, strength, and conditioning are fundamental to what we believe takes a good fighter and makes them great. Whether your goal is just to get fit, or to become a world class fighter, this class will help you become the most fit for your fight.


Effective, Purposeful Training

These workouts are designed to build purposeful, effective strength and conditioning that will aid you in every single movement of your life. We focus on creating routines that build functional strength through dynamic, full body workouts as well as specific body-focused movements. This means that every exercise we include in our POWER Fitness classes is chosen to make you stronger and better at the movements that your body was designed to do.

Whether you are fighting in the ring, running from danger in pre-historic times, or keeping up with the grandkids throughout the day, your body was meant to MOVE, and to move WELL. We want to help you get there.

Your Goals, Together

Here at Alliance Training Center East, we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their goals, whatever those may be. Our experienced coaches work with you to create the best program for your needs, and work with you side by side to make them a reality. We offer personal training for individuals and small groups, where our coaches will create unique training programs suited to your lifestyle and goals.

From losing weight to winning championships, Alliance Training Center East will help you be the best version of yourself and accomplish your goals.


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